Friday, January 11, 2008

To take, or not to take? Part 2

This post will be answers to the comments from my post below. I *hope* to continue adding to this list as I keep getting insight from you folks out there that are more knowledgeable than I....

Nancy, I have been on Met for "months & months". I started it July 31, 2007. I would think 5 and 1/2 months would be enough for it to work, if it was gonna work... wouldn't it?

Meredith, Nope, no monitoring. My ob/gyn (who prescribed it) was checking liver function every so often. I'd be due for another check sometime between now & the end of March. IF the damn doc hadn't up & disappeared on me. So for now, nobody is checking anything. I would LOVE to have a real monitored cycle on it, but that can't happen without an RE, which can't happen until mid-April or later, and by then the script will have run out anyway.

And of course to Kaci & Mer both, thanks for getting me thinking about it, and thanks for the ongoing support!

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nancy said...

oh, I have no idea. I actually know very little about the drug other than that fact. I'm sorry I can't help any more.