Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Note to Self

When trying to reduce your household expenses by shopping at the dollar store - BE SURE TO READ LABELS! "Sour Creme" is not the same as sour cream.

Hey pizza man!


Kaci said...

Sorry but THAT is funny!

BethH6703 said...

from the outside, it absolutely is.

when you're the one trying to figure out HOW you didn't read that the label said "Unreal Sour Creme" (I so wish I was joking, too), and than what the hell you're going to do with a pound of this white, soy based, wall spackle looking crap.... Not so amusing.

FORTUNATELY, it was only a buck, so I won't feel too badly tossing it.

UNFORTUNATELY, I didn't realize it until I had put a pound of ground beef, half a jar of spaghetti sauce, half an onion, and half a cup of mozzarella cheese into the recipe. And by that time, I was way too frustrated to attempt to salvage it.

Thank God Little Caesars, and their $5 pizza, is close!

And now, with some distance... it IS funny to me, too.