Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Paid Online Surveys?

Full disclosure first: should you do this, I will benefit. If you choose not to, that's totally ok with me. That's why I'm posting about it here, rather than sending an email... I figure this is less personal, and therefore easier to say no to (for those that aren't interested).

I'm a member of a few online survey sites. Some of them "pay" with sweepstakes entries (you know the type.... "enter here for your chance to win $10,000" small print saying you'd have to fuck a monkey's uncle to win), some of them give away free samples of products, and some actually pay you... Cash!

Survey Savvy is one that pays cash, and is therefore my favorite. They also have a referral program, which is just like your typical pyramid scheme... "you refer people to us, and we will pay YOU if they do something, whether you do anything else or not" blah blah blah.

So, in my continued effort to be more financially responsible, and to find more creative ways of bringing in little bits of extra cash here & there... I'm posting my personal referral link. If you're interested, click. If not, don't. I have no way of knowing who clicked & who didn't.

For those of you that stuck it out and read this whole post (so far), thank you! Your bonus for reading this far is...... I won't whine & bitch that I'm now on cd54, with still no AF in sight. And I won't even mention that this freaking cold sore has errupted on my lip in such a way that I can't smile, it hurts to eat or drink, and well.... it looks like Grumpy belted me a good one (which OF COURSE he would NEVER do). Yep, your reward is that I won't complain about any of that!