Friday, January 11, 2008

To take, or not to take?

If you read my updated plan post, you know that I'm in a bit of a holding pattern right now. Which got me thinking about the Metformin. (Well, to be honest, Kaci got me thinking about it.)

The current plan is to finish off the Metformin script, which will get me through until mid April, which also happens to be the end of crazy time at work. In the meantime (late March or early April), I'll call the potential new RE and get an intake appointment scheduled for sometime at the end of April or beginning of May.

But then I got to thinking.... Why continue the Metformin? If you look at my chart, it certainly doesn't seem to be working. Even the first 2 cycles I was on it (this is my 4th Met cycle, for those of you that are keeping track), I seem to have ovulated, but post-o temps weren't anything to get excited about. Surge, what surge? More like a temperature hiccup.

What to do? Do I continue the Met cause it might work? Do I stop it, and go into the RE with "clean blood"? I could use some input here folks, please pipe in with comments! (And I firmly believe that since it's requested, it can't ever be considered assvice. Well, unless anyone tells me to "just relax". Then I might have to go all Kung-Foo-Fighter on them....)


Kaci said...

Geeze Beth, way to throw it out there! I'm interested to see what the consensus is from the people that know a lot more about this stuff than I do!

nancy said...

I thought it sometimes takes months and months for the met to start working in some cases?

Meredith said...

Ok I am typing this knowing I really don't know anything about this, so its really more of a ? for me. In your cylces that you have taken the Met do you get bloodowrk done to make sure you are oing? I would think that would be somewhat more reliable than the chart, no? Like I said I know I am totally naive about this. And I would also think to just keep taking it, cause it can't hurt anything to take it right? Unless the side effects just totally suck. So that is my repsonse from someone who really has no point in responding but wanted to give you (hugs) more than anything.

mbjandmgj said...

Hey just wanted to say that you and I are about the same age (me 27) and about in the same boat (TTC 2years today). I tried met for 3 months and every day that I took it I felt like a zombie, I was so tired I couldn't function as a human being. Oh and it never even started to seem like it was going to work. I am on CD56 of an anovulatory cycle. I am going to my very first RE appt tomorrow I hope all goes well. I hope things work out for you too! Good luck!