Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Help!?!?! **updated at bottom**

I opened my mail today, and found a letter from the hospital group that my ob/gyn belongs to. Looks like my doc (I shall call her Dr B)... the one that found my endo and operated to remove it (and called me the day after surgery, from home, on her DAY OFF, to see how I was doing), the one who prescribed 3 rounds of clomid and then sent us off to the RE because she knew she couldn't do anymore for us and didn't want to hold us up, the one who welcomed me into her NEW practice after she left the old one and I hunted her down, the one that gave me a tentative almost diagnosis of PCOS and put me on Met to give it a try before having to go BACK to the RE... she's leaving her practice, again.

The hospital group included a phone number where Dr B can be reached after she leaves the practice. I did a little searching, and discovered she's going to another ob/gyn practice within the group, but further into the city. The letter also included a list of other docs within the group, and their bios, should her patients be interested in transferring. And the doc I found thru her "can be reached at" phone number... he's on that list.

BUT, I'm not sure I like the bio on him. What do you think?

"Dr C specializes in the treatment of women with pelvic pain and is highly experienced in advanced pelvic surgical procedures. He is certified in Addiction Medicine and is dedicated to providing pregnancy care for women who are chemically dependent."

To me, this sounds like the practice specializes in - for lack of desire to be politically correct - inner city crackheads that are pregnant with dependent babies. I really don't think that's the kind of practice I want to be a patient in.

So, now I think I need to go about finding a new doc. Here's where I need some help. I have a few options about where to look:

  • Talk to my PCP (who is monitoring my thyroid) about a recommendation.
  • Pick a random doc thru the insurance company's provider list.
  • Call the RE (who I've not been to since Jan 06) and see about getting a recommendation from them.
  • Go to my Mom's doc, whom she LOVES, but she's obviously at a different place in life, and therefore has different needs.

I'm really trying to look at this as a good thing. A chance to have a fresh set of eyes run a fresh panel of labs and get a fresh perspective, without having the expense (financial and emotional) of going back to the RE immediately. I would really like New Doc to be infertility aware, even if they aren't qualified to do a whole lot of treatment. Ideally, I'd LOVE to get an official diagnosis instead of the "well, you had an endo cyst 3 years ago, so you must have endo" and "even though you have no other symptoms, your FSH and LH levels are textbook PCOS, so we're going to treat you for that for a while" and "that excruciating pain you had last year that sent you to the ER in the middle of the night? even though we have no proof, and the labs from the ER don't tell me much of anything, we're going to assume it was a ruptured cyst". Is it too much to ask to have a Doc that is ready and able to tell me, definitively, what is wrong with me?

Sorry for that tangent...

So, I need help/advice/opinions. How do I go about finding "the perfect New Doc"? Insurance isn't a concern, as we're fortunate enough to have a plan that just about every doc in the area participates in. But I've never done this before. My PCP is in the practice that my parents went to. I found Dr B through a friend's recommendation. I was referred to the RE by Dr B.

Help, oh Wise and All-Knowing IF Blogosphere Goddesses & Gods. Please, oh Loyal Readers of Mine. HELP!?!?!


I've gotten a couple of referrals from friends (thanks to Mel & Kel). One for a local ob/gyn, and one for a new RE that I might also be able to use for basic gyn stuff. Thanks SO MUCH girls!

An internet snoop friend of mine found this article (thank you Kaci!) that gives the reasoning behind my doctor leaving. As much as I applaud their desire to focus on the plight of patients within the inner city of Detroit, I have no desire to share in that experience, so it's definitely time for me to move on.

I now have to get hold of a copy of our actual insurance policy, and read all the nitty-gritty on IF coverage. (I know last time everything short of procedures was covered, but that *may* have changed. I know there was a slight change in the policy at some point over the last few years, but I can't remember where that timing falls in relation to our last attempt at active treatments.)

And beyond that, I'm going to try to just enjoy the holidays, and really get working on finding the new doc after the first of the year. I know how hard it can be to get into an ob/gyn (especially if they're good), so I want to make sure I'm with someone that I'm comfortable with before my Metformin prescription runs out in mid April.

My updated request for help would be: How do you pick an ob/gyn? I'll research it on the SQ&SPJ all-inclusive list of helpful tidbits, and on other internet sources, but I'd love personal opinions/suggestions, too!


The Town Criers said...

Resolve to the rescue! Your regional Resolve chapter has a list of OBs and REs (as well as therapists and accupuncturists et al) that are "Resolve" approved--not sure how one makes the list, but I can say for our local people, I trust all the names that show up on our list.

nancy said...

Why do you need an OB if you have a new RE? Although I love my OB dearly, I have no need for him until/if I get pregnant. Can you just stick with your RE?

BethH6703 said...


I don't have a "new RE". I have the "old RE", that I haven't seen since Jan 06. I need an ob/gyn because the RE is only concerned with getting me pg. She doesn't do all the normal upkeep stuff, and the MOMENT I am pg, she refers back to the ob/gyn.

Geohde said...

I'm not planning to pick an ob/gyn until I really have to. In fact, I'm not really fussy at all about who it is, either.

Odd that I'm so demanding in other areas of life, but an OB? Nope..


Pamela Jeanne said...

Sorry for the added aggravation. I lost a great ob/gyn, too, after he left private practice for research.

I put personal chemistry and a good background in endometriosis and infertility factors at the top of the list. I interviewed and went to two different appointments before finding someone I liked...

andrea_jennine said...

Sorry to be a little late to respond on this one. When I had to change OB's recently, I asked around to get recs from friends, I researched the doctor profiles online, and I called the office to get the nurse/staff opinions of the doctors. That last one can be pretty revealing!