Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Grumpy's mom passed away the day after I last published here. She was home, she had family with her, and she went as peacefully and painlessly as we could have hoped for under the circumstances. Since then, we've planned and attended/hosted the memorial service, and are working on the business of "getting on with life".

Grump's is hanging in there, but - as anyone who either knows him, or has been through this would know - it's not easy. He's got school to occupy much of his time and energy, and we both have the excitement of looking forward to Lil H's arrival (OMG only 10 weeks left!), but there are always those quiet moments that you have to yourself, where your new reality sneaks up and kicks you in the ass. I've had them with both my Grandfather and my Dad, and now he's having them (as am I, but to an obviously lesser degree) with his mom.

Grieving is hard frickin' work, but there is no option other than to do it.