Thursday, January 24, 2008


Do you shop online? Want to save money at your favorite sites? Want to earn rebates that are automatically paid to you by check? If so, check out

If you sign up for an account by Feb 14, you'll automatically get a $10 sign up bonus. (The normal sign up appears to be a $5 bonus.)

Rebate checks are sent out once you reach $5.01, so I *think* this sign up will automatically qualify you for a check. You *might* have to make a purchase first tho, so don't hold me to that one.

Some examples of current Ebates deals:

  • Free shipping on purchases & returns from, plus earn 6% cash back
  • $5 off orders over $100 at, plus 4% cash back
  • Free delivery on all orders at, plus 2% cash back
  • 4% cash back @ Barnes &, and 1% back at

All you do is log on to Ebates and click thru the site to your favorite retailers. Place your order with the stores you'd normally shop at, but earn cash back while you do it!

Happy shopping, and Happy Saving!