Saturday, January 19, 2008

I may be better off than I thought!

First, a thanks to Familyof2 for sharing this handy-dandy little link.

The link will take you to a quick & easy test to see your body fat percentage. It claims to give you similar results to the water immersion test (which I believe is the most accurate test for body fat percentage). And it has to be more accurate than those BMI calculators, as it asks for a few simple measurements.

According to the test, I probably don't need to lose as much weight as my little ticker says. I *do* however need to lose some inches. So, as I suspected, I really need to get serious about that whole exercise thing. (Can you hear my groaning? Because believe me, I am.)

Want to learn your percentage? Simply grab a cloth or paper measuring tape, and go here. It only takes a couple of minutes, and I think it's definitely worth the time.

And for those that are curious (because lord knows I would be reading this post)..... My body fat percentage is supposed to be 22%. It is.................


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nancy said...

Ack. I am at 25.3% per that test. But my body fat scale says 22.7%.


I am 140 lbs and 5'7". I'm wondering if it's due to the hip measurement, because right now, the widest part is the middle of my belly - from being so swollen from all these ripe and not ripe follicles. I've got the 'treatment belly bloat' right now.

Oh crap. Now I'm all worried that I'm really over-fat.