Wednesday, January 23, 2008

much randomness, life just got crazy...

first, the quick "non" update.... it's now cd55, and still no sign of impending AF. I have no idea where that bitch is, but I wish she'd show & get it over with already. oh, and as a little added bonus, I think I'm getting a UTI. And I still have my cold sore. At least the swelling stage of the cold sore is over, so I don't look battered. Now it's into the icky scab stage, which means it should be gone in a couple of days.

On to the craziness... Grumpy's Mom is a cancer survivor.... times 3. That's right folks, 3 bouts with leukemia, 3 rounds of chemo, and 3 times victorious. Now, we're on to round 4.

To make a very long story very short, she's going to need surgery to remove her spleen. Unfortunately, her system is too weak to handle the surgery right now, so they are giving her a round of chemo (yep, that would be round 4), in hopes of boosting up her blood levels enough to be able to operate.

Beyond the cancer, she's got about 372,905 other complications. Some are health related, some are lifestyle choices. Rather than make this a big angry post (cause I really don't want to do that right now), I'm just going to say that her medical history could rival War & Peace in length.

It looks like the family is circling the wagons for treatment round 4, followed by major surgery, followed by loooooooooong recovery time. Can I ask you, oh wise & all-supportive blogosphere, for some continued prayer/good thought support over the coming days/weeks/months?

Thanks ladies & gents, for I know that I can count on your support through this. I'll post progress updates as they present themselves.


Kaci said...

Have you ever tried Lysine for cold sores? For me, taking one pill a day keeps the cold sores away. It's gotten to where if I feel one starting I can pop the pills for a couple of days & the cold sore never develops.

Family & MIL are in my prayers.

BethH6703 said...


I've tried Lysine, and it seemed to bring on a cold sore. Argh! Thanks for the suggestion tho!

Fortunately, I only get them about twice a year, so I just suffer thru.

Thanks, as always, for the prayers.

nancy said...

How terrible. I'll keep her in my thoughts.