Monday, January 14, 2008

To take, or not to take, the Decision

After much thinking, and talking with el Grumperono (in Italian -ino means small, and -ono means large. Even though Grumperino sounds better, Grumperono is more accurate,
;-) ), I've decided to NOT take any more of the Metformin.

Based on my chart, it's not working. I have no other way to know if it is or isn't (like, say, a MONITORED cycle???), and won't have any way to know until I'm back at the RE. And since the script runs out just before we plan to get into the doc, that doesn't make any sense.

AND, it seems more logical to go into the RE for a fresh start as completely natural as I can. If I'm fucked up (which we know that I am), let the doc work to figure out how, and what we're going to do to correct it.

By the way, it would seem that stopping the Metformin has the same lovely side effects as starting it did. Not exactly how I wanted to spend the next few days, but I'm sure it must be a temporary thing.

Thanks all, for your help & support with this decision. If you haven't figured it out yet, I process things MUCH better when I have people to bounce around the possibilities with.

Oh, and as a side note.... as you can see from my ticker above, I'm on cd46. And I happen to have no spotting, no cramps, no PMS - no signs at all of any impending AF. And, my standard for messed up cycles like this is that I will not test before cd45. (Don't get me started on all the money I wasted on tests when I went THREE FREAKIN' MONTHS without an AF.) So, because I am a complete glutton for punishment, I shall go to the Dollar Tree at lunch, and buy myself a cheapie test. Should tomorrow morning arive with still no sign of AF, I shall test. (And I fully expect to NOT see any kind of second line. But, ya know, a girl's gotta POAS every now & then.)


Kaci said...

I wasn't sure what made sense, but I knew the s/e sucked. I didn't realize it would be miserable going off it too! :( I hope it doesn't last long.

And ah, about the POAS...all I can say is good luck!

chicklet said...

OMG, a 46 day cycle - I'd totally be peeing on sticks even though I normally think they're evil!

Shadia said...