Sunday, June 1, 2008

About Me


I'm guessing the only way you're reading this is if you're somewhat new to me (either thru NaComLeavMo, or some other click-thru way to my little corner of the Internet), so I figured I'd do some introducing type stuff.

My name is Beth. I've been married to Grumpy (aka Grumps, the GrumpyOne, and several other variations on the theme) for 5 years. We've been together since December 1996. We're working on getting ourselves out of debt, and on starting a side business. Oh, and we're infertile.

You'll notice on my blog that a lot of the speak is infertility related, but not all of it. I talk about recipes, and friends, and our finances, and much much randomness. But, the reason behind the blog is to have an outlet for all of my infertility related frustration. And, to hopefully get some feedback from like-minded (or like-experienced) folks, most of whom are undoubtedly wiser about this than I.

Here's a highlight version of our years of trying to make our family of 4 (including this puppy and this angry (yet adorable) cat) a family of 5 (or 7, if you believe Grumpy's prediction of triplet boys).

  • April 04: tossed the birth control pills, naively thinking we'd be pregnant within 3 months or so.
  • Sep 04: laparotomy to remove a LARGE endometriosis cyst
  • Oct 04: cleared by gyno to start trying again naturally
  • Aug 05: started first of 3 clomid cycles under the care of gyno
  • Oct 05: referred to RE
  • Dec 05 & Jan 06: 2 unsuccessful IUIs at the RE
  • Mar 06: marriage falls apart, all baby-making activity stops
  • Mar 07: marriage put back together again, all natural baby-making activity begins again
  • Jun 07: gyno at a loss, as all tests seem "within normal ranges". prescribes metformin as a last-ditch effort before shipping me off to the RE (again)
  • Jan 08: gyno leaves practice, so I set up an appointment with Dr N (new gyno)
  • Apr 08: laproscopic surgery to remove another large endo cyst (found by the lovely, talented, and fatherly Dr N), as well as some smaller endo lesions
  • May 08: start Lupron therapy (will last 4 to 6 months). no baby making attempts during this time while my body tries to heal

And that brings you up to speed. I've not yet been thru an IVF, and somehow, 4 years into this, I'm still insane enough to think that maybe - just maybe - we can do this on our own {you know, with the help of 2 surgeries (so far), and 2 HSGs (so far), and 3 different doctors (so far) and 6 prescription medications (so far)}. Naive? Perhaps... But, I is what I is, and that's all I can be.

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Arpee said...

Hi Beth - you are right, I am from IComLeavWe.

Anyhow, we're about in the same timeline. Married in June 03, started TTC Jan 04, procrastinated a lot in 04-05, only 4 medicated/timed IC cycles in 4 years, 2 pregnancies and 2 miscarriages within 12 months of 2006, danced around laparoscopy and IUI until 2008 with our new RE after relocation.

Here's hoping we get to the end of the rainbow! Cheers!