Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Grumpy's mom passed away the day after I last published here. She was home, she had family with her, and she went as peacefully and painlessly as we could have hoped for under the circumstances. Since then, we've planned and attended/hosted the memorial service, and are working on the business of "getting on with life".

Grump's is hanging in there, but - as anyone who either knows him, or has been through this would know - it's not easy. He's got school to occupy much of his time and energy, and we both have the excitement of looking forward to Lil H's arrival (OMG only 10 weeks left!), but there are always those quiet moments that you have to yourself, where your new reality sneaks up and kicks you in the ass. I've had them with both my Grandfather and my Dad, and now he's having them (as am I, but to an obviously lesser degree) with his mom.

Grieving is hard frickin' work, but there is no option other than to do it.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Cranky McCranky-Pants

First off, all things pregnancy related are still moving along swimmingly. I had a doctor appointment this morning, and Lil H and I are right on track in all measurable categories. I'm being kicked in all kinds of fun places as a regular occurrence, and sometimes I swear the lil sucker is trying to break out through my cervix. It's very strange - very strange indeed!

Now, if you're not interested in reading the ranting lunacy of a grieving, hormonal, bitchy pregnant person, I suggest you just click-click your sweet little self away from this here blog right about now.


Still here?

You're sure you want to do that?

Well, ok then...

But don't say you weren't warned!

As I've discussed many, many, many MANY times here before (seriously, check out the "Prayer Request" label), Grumpy's mom is ill.

She's recently gotten worse.

Much, MUCH worse.

As in, "no other treatment options" and "hospice services" worse. Fortunately, she's home, where she is undoubtedly more comfortable than if she were stuck in the hospital or other facility. Which, in itself, is a blessing. One daughter was in town to see her this past weekend, the other daughter will be in within a couple of weeks. The family is preparing to say good-bye, and left with nothing to do but wait for the end.

And that SUCKS!

If you've never been through it before, let me say that in my opinion, having lived through both types of losses, I would much rather lose a family member suddenly than have to watch them fight and fight and fight, only to lose their battle and waste away to nothing. That's not to suggest that either situation is EASY - not by any stretch of the imagination. But watching someone's will to live be sucked out of their broken but not quite beaten body... It's a torture that I wouldn't wish on anyone, patient or caregivers.

In the midst of all the waiting, we're of course dealing with the personality conflicts that arise during such stressful times. Control-freaks that have no control over the situation their loved one is facing now find themselves grasping for control over whatever situation they are presented with - whether it's appropriate for them to control or not. Battered egos and too-long-held grudges are rearing their ugly heads. Decisions are made and re-made, depending on who feels the need to express their opinions, and whose opinions are deemed worthy of being considered. The family circles the wagons, while managing to throw stones at each other.

Everyone is overwhelmed and nobody has any opportunity to escape, or decompress, even for the tiniest of moments. Because we all know what reality is waiting for us at the end of that teeny, tiny escape... And reality is not any kind of fun right now.

I've never been much of an escapist... I've wished for things to be different, and have made lots and LOTS of plans to get them to change. Hell, I've even followed through on some of those plans. But right now all I want to do is take Grumps and our furkids someplace far, far away where there is no cell service, no wi-fi, no illness or decisions or commitments, where we can just BE for a little while. Quiet - silly - introspective - but most of all, alone. I'm craving quiet, and wanting very badly to circle our own little wagons. I suppose that could be an extension of the nesting instinct - wanting to protect our little family from the cruelties of the outside world. But, this isn't the outside world, and I don't have any choice but to broaden my shoulders, and carry whatever part of this familial load that I am able to carry...

Monday, January 11, 2010

20 weeks!

All seems to be going remarkably well in pregnancy land over here. We had the BIG ultrasound (results of which will be kept private until immediate family is made aware), but the important thing is that it was another showing that our Lil H is doing just lovely in there.

I've been feeling movement consistently for a couple of weeks now. Its - bizarre. Very bizarre in deed. In the best possible bizarro-world way. But, still... bizarre.

I will say that emotionally, altho I don't think I've stepped into the hormonal mood swing insanity too frequently thus far, I do find myself changing, a lot. I'm withdrawing from people, from things. Focusing more on myself, my body, my marriage, our families. I don't think I'm intentionally turning my back on others, but I do know that I'm not putting the work into some of my friendships the way I had in previous months. And sadly, I haven't quite processed how I feel about that yet.

For those of you counting, I'm in my 20th week, so I've hit that halfway point! Yee-haw! (That's what you're supposed to say, right?) Except that I'm suddenly finding myself a wee bit overwhelmed with ALL there is TO DO. The first half of this pregnancy has sailed by quicker than I realized, and now there is all of this talk about nursery colors, and furniture, and registering, and a baby shower, and holy crap I wanna nap!

Someone out there do me a favor and tell me this is normal, mmmkay?