Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I've been hesitant to post another "review" of something, since the Ebates review didn't go so well... (Who knew that referral $ didn't count towards the minimum payout amount?)

But, since discovering, using, and being PAID by MySurvey, I'd figure I'd let you all in on it, too.

It's an incredibly simple survey site to navigate and use. They don't hound you with ridiculous amounts of spam. In fact, they only send out emails when you qualify for a survey.
The payouts are also pretty simple. Survey completions are awarded points, anywhere from 10 to 150 (that I've seen) at a time. You can "cash out" at 1,000 points minimum, for cash (1,000 points = $10), prizes, or charity donations. I did my first "cash out" about 3-4 weeks ago (after being a member for 3 or 4 months), requesting a $10 check, which I received in about 2 weeks.
At some point along the way, I also qualified for a product evaluation. MySurvey sent me 2 50oz bottles of 2x Ultra Tide, enough to do 64 wash loads. All I had to do was test the hardness of our water, use the product for 2 weeks, and fill out a survey (which took about 20 minutes).
They also run daily contests that you enter just by logging in. So far, I've not won, so I certainly can't attest to their wonderful-ness. But, I have stumbled on to some additional surveys just by logging in regularly.
If you're so inclined, click on the link above (they do offer referral reward points if you sign up using my link, so please do), and give it a whirl. You're certainly not going to get rich from it, but I think it's a cool way to let your consumer's voice be heard. And really, what's wrong with the occassional free product, and a few pennies for your time?

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nancy said...

I've been doing that forever. Also, mypoints. Between those two things, I've made hundreds and hundreds of dollars. (but nothing like blogherads. good lord, i got may's check today. Whoa.)

:) enjoy making money!