Monday, July 28, 2008


... kind of.

We finally made it out of town on Saturday in the weeeeeee hours of the morning. (If it were up to me, 4am wouldn't even exist, unless that is when I'm falling into bed after a night out with friends. Unfortunately, that is when my alarm clock went off.)

Our intention was to get as loaded up as possible on Thursday, wrap up the loose ends Friday morning, and be on our way out of town by noon, FRIDAY. And, well, for a whole lot of reasons that really boil down to laziness and lack of motivation, that didn't happen.

BUT, we did have a really nice time with our friends. Good food, good conversation, plenty of testosterone laden activity to keep the Grumps happy, plenty of peace & quiet to mellow out my wound-too-tight mood, and well, everything's better with a cocktail or 2, right?

Things with Dad are about the same. The doctors put a chest tube in on Friday and drained approximately 2 liters (yes, I did just type 2 LITERS) of fluid off his lungs. Instantly, he felt better. He still has that tube, and today they were adding a tube to drain more infected fluid from his liver (this is his 2nd of this variety of tubing). He's responding well to the meds, and seems to be improving on all of his original complaints.

Now, we just need to get him to EAT REAL FOOD. And I'm sorry, but 5 spoons of mashed potatoes, 3 spoons of jello, and a sip of Carnation protein shake is NOT a meal. Because of his refusal to eat, he's back on the IV nutrition, which isn't helping to build him up at all. He's also developing some bed sores on his arm from his refusal to get out of bed, or have his position changed as often as the nursing staff would like. I can only imagine how badly his poor bottom must look after sitting on it pretty consistently for the last 22 days.

BUT, he knows that he needs to follow doctors' and nurses' orders. If he is choosing not to do that, I can't do it for him. And if he continues to make such ridiculous choices... well, he just may end up choosing not to leave the hospital. And then... THEN... I may just choose to kick his ass.