Tuesday, July 29, 2008


ok, I've FINALLY gotten enough weird google searches to do a post on them. How these people find ME from these search terms, I have NO idea!

"Are dooce and beth still friends?"

  • Best I can figure, this one got to me because I also read Dooce. Must have tripped in my google reader feed over there on the sidebar. But to answer your question, umm... no?

"meijer juice idle"

  • I have no idea what you were even attempting to find with this one. Worse, I can't figure out how it got you to me. My sincere apologies.

"i was born on tuesday - does that mean that i am wednesday's child?"

  • Niobe had this same search term in her stats. Her post on the strangeness of it got some pretty interesting comments, if you care to take a look.

"eighteen weeks pregnant ivf blog"

  • I have absolutely no idea why Google sent you to me. I'm not now, nor have ever been 18 weeks pregnant. And I'm also not now, nor have ever been, undergoing ivf treatment. Clearly a waste of your time... shameful google!

many, MANY search terms related to lupron, so let me lump them all together here:

  • "ivf lupron depot and nursing", I'm sorry, but I can only speak to 1 of those 3 search terms. Perhaps you should keep looking.
  • "lupron depot blog", yeah, I suppose I can fall into this category. If you have any specific questions, please, ask them!
  • "real people who have had the lupron depot 11.25 only one shot", sorry, but I'm only on the 3.75 dose. Keep searching!
  • "lupron and panic attacks" and "lupron and panic disorder", yes, and yes. I will say that after the first couple of weeks (or maybe even once I started the estrogen add back?) the panic subsided considerably. Clearly, you're having some trouble with it, so I suggest you talk to your doctor. I'm sorry that you're having a tough time.
  • "does lupron depot make you infertile?", yes, but only while you're taking it.
  • "lupron depot hip pain", I'm sorry that your injection site is bothering you. I haven't experienced any problems like this, but I would recommend icing the site for a while to see if that helps. If you're still having pain the day after the injection, then I think you should talk to your doc.

Some recipes seem to pop up in the searches on a regular basis, so let me just link to them for you here:

And the "WTF Award" goes to: "eliminate pit stains"

  • bathe
  • and buy deodorant


Life. Complicated. said...

I googled for Lupron and found you. I now wonder how you find how people navigate to you?

BethH6703 said...

Wow, a googler-response! Very cool!

I use www.statcounter.com and www.sitemeter.com to watch my stats & page views & the like. Both free, and both pretty user friendly!