Friday, July 4, 2008

Scattergories, The Independence Day Edition

Cali did it again, so here I go again!

SCATTERGORIES - it’s harder than it looks! Play here or play on your blog. (note to those new to the game: these don’t have to be actual truths. If it helps- replace the word “you” in the questions & substitute it with “someone”.) Play on!

Take the first letter of your favorite beverage and use it to answer the following:

1) What is your favorite beverage? Mike's Hard Lemonade
2) Something you would grill? Mushroom caps
3) Something you would wave?
4) Something you would fight for? M (The GrumpyOne's real name, which I'm not gonna give... but his first inital is M)
5) Something you would celebrate? Marriage
6) Something you would whisper to Ben Franklin? "Make me feel that electricity, Benny Boy"
7) Something your neighbors would bring to the party? Mexicali dip
8 ) Something that makes you see fireworks? men in uniform (the good kind of fireworks... Rawr!)
9) Something that is located in Washington, D.C.? monuments
10) Something red or white or blue? Miracle Whip jar

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