Monday, July 7, 2008

Long Weekend Recap

Grumps & I had a fairly busy, yet pretty quiet, weekend. Lots of sidework (thank you extra $), some family time, some housework, some prepping for the upcoming road-trip, and some laziness. All in all, a pretty typical weekend for us.

Have my next appt with Dr. N tomorrow. I'm thinking this is the "now what?" appt, and assume that we'll be scheduling another HSG (this will be my 3rd, but Doc did mention wanting to take a peak at my tubes after the surgery), probably talking about another SA (also the Grumps 3rd), and figuring out how long we'll be doing this whole Lupron thing.

I'm hoping that we'll be able to stop the Lupron after 4 injections, but I've pretty well resigned myself to it being 6. That will put my last injection in October, with my first trying cycle in - oh - forEVAH starting sometime in November.

We had another conversation about it all over the weekend, and Grumpy REALLY doesn't want to immediately jump to the RE, unless Dr. N recommends it. He'd rather "try on our own for a few months" (altho, did agree to Clomid therapy, thank fuckin Christ!). I'll spare you all (and myself) all the details, but let me just tell you that the man came about 3 seconds shy of telling me that I needed to "just relax".

Sometimes we're on the same page with all of this, and sometimes I don't even think we're reading from the same book.