Friday, November 23, 2007


Yesterday was a wonderful day for me. Instead of our normal holiday insanity, bouncing between Grumpy's side of the family, my Mom's side of the family, and my Dad, we decided to pick ONE destination for the day. We also took our time getting there, and enjoyed a quiet morning and early afternoon at home.

We slept LATE, had a quiet breakfast of coffee & cinnamon rolls while snuggling on the couch under a blanket, watching a movie. We played with the dog, we laughed, we wrestled... we had FUN! Nice, simple, traditionally "us" fun.

We had dinner at my aunt's house with my Mom's family. Grumpy had to leave early to head for his hunting weekend, so we drove separately so that I could stay as late as I wanted. I didn't end up leaving until after 11, enjoying some family game time with everyone, and a game of "Extreme Uno" with my younger cousins. New nicknames for each other, talking in silly voices, and LOTS of laughter later, and I felt renewed... lighter... happy.

I am significantly older than all of my cousins (3 of them are teenagers, and 3 more that are 4 - 10 years old), and so I tend to have more in common with my Mom's generation than with my own. But, as the "kids" are starting to get older, I find myself really enjoying their company. They are all brilliantly intelligent (yeah, I'm a bit biased... but they really are smart kids), and I just adore the personalities they are developing. I find myself really looking forward to the time when instead of being their older cousin, I can get to be their friend. Spending time with 3 of them last night really reminded me that I need to make more time for them in my life. And not just because I have the opportunity to be a "safe adult" for them to come to (which the 18 year old already does), but because I need to foster those relationships for ME. I'm really good at being an adult, but they let me be a kid sometimes, and remind me that it's ok to be that way. And really, how can I turn down a game of Extreme Uno with Munchkin, the Naughty Nephew, and the Aunt who pees with the door open (after 2 glasses of wine)?

So, long story short, today I'm feeling very thankful... for my wonderful husband, who still gives me butterflies, and can always make me laugh. For my aunts that are incredibly supportive of me as a person, even when they don't agree with the choices that I make. And for the cousins that help me remember to be young, and who I truly hope to call friends as they become adults. And, I'm very thankful for the quiet contentment that yesterday brought me.


Pamela Jeanne said...

Sounds terrific all the way around! And I thoroughly understand wanting to find your "inner kid" and to relish the time you spend with your cousins. There's something really fresh and free about just kicking back and having fun. Glad to see you so happy.

nancy said...

Okay, please give more information on the aunt who pees with the door open!

ChiliLady said...

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