Thursday, November 1, 2007

On the Road Again....

and Again and Again and Again.

Have I mentioned how much I HATE that song? Hate it hate it hate it! My Dad used to sing it as we were heading for the annual reunion on his side of the family. 6 hours in the car (each way) to spend 4 days in a town that I was related to. Yep, the whole town... Kinda scary, isn't it? And did I mention that my Dad can't sing? As he likes to say, he "can't carry a tune in a bucket". So, I always tie that song to memories of those dreaded trips up north to spend time with that side of the family.

Anywho, we're heading out of town, again, tomorrow. Going up to do some more work on the camper, and Mike might even get some hunting in while we're there (altho that is not his priority).

By the end of this weekend, we'll have owned the camper for a total of 16 days. In that time, I'll have put over 2,000 miles on my ass in the truck for trips directly related to the camper. Bear with me while I run the math here for you. And my sincere apologies, as I'm sure my equations will not be properly formatted, but its been a while since I've even attempted algebra, lol.

The first weekend,we went to stay with our friends up north, which is about 125 miles away (250 mile round trip), and we went every day to look at the camper. It was about a 175 mile round trip from where we were staying. 250 + (175 x 3) = 775.

Then, I woke up that Monday morning not remembering if I had closed the roof vent on the camper. And "they" had rain forecasted for the whole week. And we had the only set of keys to the thing. And the camper was still at the sellers house, which is about a 400 mile round trip. So now we're at 400 + 775 = 1175. Still with me?

Then this past weekend (well, Friday of it anyway), we had to go meet up with the sellers. We still owed them the final payment on the camper, and they still had the hitch that they were "throwing in" with the purchase. And they live all the way across the state. We're about 3 miles from the eastern shore, and they're about 1 mile from the western shore, 200 miles from us. Another 400 mile round trip! That makes it 400 + 1175 = 1575.

Saturday was spent getting a new hitch installed, as the one they "threw in" was a rusted piece of crap that won't work on our truck. GRRRR! Another 100ish mile round trip, bringing our grand total to 1675.

Sunday, we got to go pick up the camper. We had to go back to the property the sellers own up north (200 miles away), take it to our friends that are so kind to let us leave it on their property for the winter (90 miles), and then come home (125 miles). 200 + 90 + 125 = 415. 415 + 1575 = 1990. Let's just call that 2,000.

And now tomorrow morning, we leave to go up to the camper again. Back to our friends house. Another 250 mile round trip... 2,250 miles, on my ass, in 16 days!

I so can't wait to put my ass On the Couch Again.