Thursday, November 15, 2007

Blogger Flame of Fortitude

I don't want to sound completely ridiculous, or like Sally Fields (You like me! You really really Like Me!!!), so let me just say that I feel incredibly honored to be included here. Thank you Nancy, for the honor of "passing the torch", and for being the first person to introduce me to the blogosphere.

Now, my nominees: (and I know many of them will have already been nominated, or will have already written their post, but I'm saying it anyway, dammit!).

Mel because I honestly believe that without her, there would be no "us". And without "us", I'd be doomed to an awful death, left babbling to myself, yelling about "lying fertility friend" and "sonofabitchin metformin", and well, that just wouldn't be pretty.

Chicklet, Wendy, and R&R because even when I'm at my lowest, those girls can always get a giggle out of me! Their snarky humor allows them to speak out loud the things that I only wish I had the courage to drop from my lips.

Frank because he can find the strangest little tidbits of humor in the insanity that is IF treatment.

Jen for continuing to support those of us in the trenches, even tho she has so much going on in her life.

Smarsh because, dammit, that guy can write! Don't believe me? Check out this post

PJ because her writing speaks to my heart.

Again Nancy, thanks for the nomination. It really does hold a special place in my "blog heart" (if you'll indulge me that last little bit of nonsense)!


nancy said...

oh you big softy! You deserve it!

Pamela Jeanne said...

So glad that I can help you sort out some of the dastardly effects of infertlity. Just keep in mind you're strong and you will perservere.

(And thanks for the great recipe!)

chicklet said...

Apparently I have some catching up to do - you nominated me, awwww! Thx for thinking of me and thx for making me giggle too:-)

Frank N. Beans said...

Thanks! You made my day!