Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Can somebody knock some sense into me... please?

ok, it's cd35, of what certainly appears to be an anovulatory cycle. Nothing new, I've had them before, I'll probably have them again. Granted, this one is especially disappointing seeing as how I'm still on the Met, and I *thought* it had been working so well. Guess not, huh?

Anyway, I've had a couple of friends suggest that I test. I, personally, think this is ridiculous. My chart shows nothing even remotely resembling ovulation, I had a lighter than normal AF (altho definitely an AF)... I just really don't see HOW I COULD POSSIBLY be pregnant.

And let me just tell you, I feel like such a ridiculous newbie even typing this post... thinking these thoughts...

And yet, Ms Hope (ridiculous as it is), can't help remind me of all the surprise pregnancies out there right now.... and of how I've always DREAMED of a Christmas announcement to family.... and how it'd be pretty fucking awesome to get a POSITIVE TEST on THANKSGIVING DAY....

So, please, help me shut up stupid ass Ms Hope. I know she's out of her mind, YOU know she's out of her mind, but she's not listening to me.


nancy said...

Oh hunny. ~hugs~.

You know, I've been watching your chart pretty close this month. I was excited to see how the met was doing and was sure we were going to see a temp increase somewhere in there (yeah, it's "we" now. I'm now part of your journey. heh.)

I don't see anything to suggest ovulation based on temp. Have you thought about investing in a 100 count box of opks from a cheap internet site? Although those opks aren't the greatest, they've always shown my surge when it was really, in fact, a surge. Since you are going in uncharted waters, I'd want to use a secondary ovulation detection device. (omg, did I really say it like that?)

There is no harm in testing and hey, FF has bfp charts out there without the classic biphasic pattern. At least you'd know one way or the other, right?

Shadia said...

I dont think she is out of her mind. Hope is wonderful thing! Or maybe I am brainwashed :)

Lori said...

Hope...I had such a love/hate relationship with her. I am sorry that I cannot possibly give you any help because I went for 6 years without a dental x-ray, hoping against freaking Hope that I was pregnant.

I'll check back tomorrow, Beth. I would be tickled with a Thanksgiving BFP and a Christmas announcement for you.