Thursday, November 15, 2007

Confessions of a Deer Widow

So, the GrumpyOne left last night for his second hunting weekend of the year. First one was in early October for the first weekend of archery season. Today is the kickoff of rifle/long gun season in Michigan, so he HAD to be hunting for opening day. I expect him back Sun evening, hopefully with some yummy ground venison for us to put in the freezer.

Whenever he goes out of town, I always make big Big BIG mental plans for all the things I'm going to do while he's gone. On this weekend's list:

  1. Clean the house
  2. Get the laundry DONE (as in washed, dried, folded, and PUT AWAY! I'm usually good at the first half, but can definitely use some work on the second half.)
  3. Catch up on some reading
  4. Clean out & vacuum my car
  5. Get a much needed haircut
  6. Work on a REAL yoga/exercise routine
  7. Spend some time with Grandma, and other family
  8. Possibly put up the outside Christmas decorations, depending on weather (and next weekend's forecast).
  9. Work on a bedtime routine (you know, make-up off, face washed, teeth brushed & flossed, reading (instead of watching tv) for my pre-sleep downtime)
  10. See what Christmas shopping I can knock out
  11. Get the meat in the fridge repackaged and into the freezer

To me, that looks like a pretty daunting list. Fortunately, I'm off work on Friday, so I have a FULL 3 days to get it done. And I've already made some progress on some things. I've got myself a salon appointment for tomorrow afternoon, so I'll definitely accomplish #5. I went to the library today at lunch, so I'll do something with #3. And I made plans with my Mom and Grandma for a "girls night in" for Friday night, so that takes care of #7.

Now the confession...

Whenever he goes out of town, I fall into a bit of a depression. I may complain about him (much more IRL than I do here, but believe me when I say that I complain), but the truth is, I miss him to pieces when he's not around. I've often spent entire weekends home on the couch, alternating between surfing bad TV (Flavor of Love marathon anyone?), and napping.

Trying to keep myself busy, and productive, is as much about fighting off the depression as it is getting things done that I really have to get done. So, if you can take the time, please say a little prayer for me this weekend, or send me some good thoughts. I'll update on how I did with Monday's post.

Oh, and I'll be posting another recipe for tomorrow's post.


Anonymous said...

I hope the weekend goes by quickly for you. Having things planned is always a good thing. As lonely as it maybe be for a weekend just keep in mind he is coming back home. HUGS!!!!!!!!!!


chicklet said...

Ok, sista, you and I are soooo much alike! I make these kinds of lists regularly and always over-extend what I think I can do, but mostly when he goes away I come up with the list to end all lists, and instead I watch a lot of crap on the tv:-)