Thursday, May 29, 2008

A New Day

Today sometime, when you have a few moments, click over to Allison's blog. The detailed reasons behind this request can be summed up here (thanks, of course, to the wise & all-knowing Mel).
To sum up, Allison has a Wordpress blog, and apparently they track your "best day ever" based on number of visits to the blog. Allison's "best day ever" is the day she lost her daughter, Zoe.
I'm not familiar with Allison, or the details of her journey. All I know is that this must be a horrid reminder for her to have to face when she logs into her Wordpress account, and if I can help put an end to that, then damn it, I will. And I know you will, too.


momofonefornow said...

hi from nclm.

I popped over and her blogs have well surpassed the previous count. Wahoo!

seriously? said...

Hi thanks for stopping by today. I just watned to say, yes thank you for getting it. He means well, I love him but I want to hit him with something that hurts.

He says he gets it, but I know he only gets it the man way and not the lady way.

Sam said...

I am so glad that she was able to surpass her goals.