Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Financial Update - On the Up Swing!

My 3 week medical leave is fortunately (Thank GOD) covered by our short-term disability insurance. I'm fairly certain that between the STD (that acronym is so wrong, no matter what you're using it for), and my AFLAC coverage (seriously, BEST-THING-EVER! I love me my AFLAC!), I don't think we're going to be behind at all.

The downside is that our cash flow is all wonky. Grumps & I both get paid weekly, he on Tue, and me on Fri. Yes, we live paycheck to paycheck right now (trying to slam as much $ as we can towards our debt), but paycheck to paycheck when they're only 3 days apart isn't bad at all.

At this point, I'm not getting any more checks from work until I've been back for a week, and we're waiting on both the AFLAC check and the hospital bill to arrive. I know what our max payout for all surgery related stuff will be, but I'm not sure how it will be billed - or when. I have a general idea of what our AFLAC check will be, but no idea when it will come in.

Bottom line, we have all this financial stuff up in the air right now, because there's all of these known income & expense situations, but the timing remains unknown. Frustrating for a bookkeeper (me) that runs as tight a financial ship as I can (at least timing wise), both at home, and at work.

Anyway, after that long & winding road of a verbal detour - we got our tax rebate today! WOOHOO!!!! It's already mentally spent of course, but, it's nice to see it there, and to have it's friendly little cushion in place!

NOW, if all the rest of that stuff would just GET HERE (AFLAC check, hospital bill), I could have everything all straightened out. I'm pretty sure that even with the hospital bill and some home improvement stuff we've earmarked out of the rebate, I'll be able to put a nice little chunk of change towards our debt.

Jeeze that got wordy - and ridiculously cumbersome. My apologies. Let me sum up: There is a light at the end of our financial tunnel, at least in the short term!

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CandiceM said...

yay for the end of the money tunnel!!! Don't you HATE money??!! LOL!!