Thursday, May 15, 2008

Is this what endo feels like?

I guess I've had endo for a long time now - at least 4 years. I was on the pill for 7 years before that, and never had regular cycles before the pill, so I don't really know how long I've had the endo. Fortunately, I've been incredibly blessed in that I don't experience the soul crushing pain that many endo patients report. Sure, I've had some extra rough crampy periods, but only once or twice can I remember staying home from work because of the pain.

Until yesterday.

It actually started on Tuesday night, with this horrible stabbing/shooting type pain. It would usually start a little higher than my right ovary, and radiate down as low as my pelvis, and up as high as my ribcage on the right. Every once in a while, I'd get a pain around the left ovary, but not as consistent, or intense, as the right side.

Added to that fun, I will spare you the details and just say that I stayed home from work yesterday because I was afraid to be more than a few steps from the bathroom. I don't know if this is related or not, but have heard that endo can cause such - unpleasantness.

Being that I've never really experiences symptoms before (other than whacked out cycle lengths, annovulation, and infertility), I'm not sure if this could be endo or not? Or could it be somehow related to the surgery? Or could it be something else entirely? Should I call the doc? Or should I play "wait & see" for a few more days?


Edited to add more info:

  • Surgery cleaned up my right ovary (big giant cyst was cut out of it, and other lesions were cauterized). Lefty is still a mess of endo, and is adhered to my uterus.
  • Today's new pain: lower back.
  • Some of this pain could be PMS related. I'm cd27 or 28, so AF *could* be on her way.


Dreamer4agift said...

Hey, I was diagnosed with endo last july and I had been having similar pains to what you're describing. My pain is always on the right, and then at times the left joins in. Per the lap in July, most of my endo was on the right. They got all they could "see" but I've never stopped having pain. It sounds like endo to me, but I'm no doctor. It could be related to gallbladder too, I don't know. If you're experiencing things you've never had to deal with, endo or not, you should call the doctor and let him know what's going on. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

nancy said...


That really sucks. I've never had endo (well, I've had "slight endo" that was removed in each of my laps)

Did you call your doc? Maybe since this could be your first post-surgery PMS? Maybe?

Geohde said...

It's always a bit tricky to know what a new symptom is down to, but my commiserations on the pain,