Tuesday, May 13, 2008

He must be joking, right?

In talking with Dr N in one of my follow up appointments, I've learned something new. And frustrating. And seemingly ridiculous.

Apparently, for the first month or 2 that I'm on Lupron, he wants us to use condoms.

Now, with my ridiculously annovulatory history (thank you endo, and Lord only knows what else), and the fact that we've been at this game for over four years with never ever even a hint of a 2nd line... I think the idea of "required contraceptives" is pretty laughable. Really, what are the odds?

But, the "good little patient" in me is hesitant to go against doctors orders, even in this seemingly (at least in my head) teeny tiny little way.

Opinions? Assvice? Anyone want to weigh in on this one? PLEASE?


Duck said...

Hi beth, fellow endo hell woman, i did syneral (the sniffing version of lurpon for one year). I didn't use any contraceptives at all for the first 2 months (but i'm like super infertile, my lining is so thin nothing could survive there even if the endo didn't exist).
So not much advice on that end, but, want to wish you luck with the lupron, I found a year on syneral to be too much and too difficult (and well it didn't even help me - but apparently I'm a freak).

Lupron Journal said...

Hi, Beth. He's covering his rear end. If you get pregnant on this dosage of Lupron (as opposed to the microdosages used for IVF), it can cause severe birth defects. It's his duty to warn you, God forbid, something like that would happen (so you can't sue him later). Best of luck.

Kaci said...

I was going to be the bad patient & say to hell with condoms, but after reading the previous comment, I've changed my mind. No need to go through all you've been through to have to deal with more. Seems the doc would have explained that though.