Monday, December 17, 2007

Snow day?

It's very cold outside today. We got about 8" of snow for our first real "storm" of the season. Schools are closed all around here, as another not so subtle reminder (to me) of just how sissified this generation of kids has become.

Many of the school districts around me are bus districts, so I can understand why they would choose to take a snow day today. 8" falling in a 12-14 hour period, starting Saturday evening, makes for a LOT of cleanup to do before school on Monday morning. Side streets are the last on the list, so heavy snow + unplowed residential areas = very difficult for school buses. Makes sense.

However, the district that we live in, the one that I grew up in, is not a bus district. Our entire school district is about 4 square miles, with the high school pretty much in the middle. There is a middle school at the east end, and another at the west end. And there are 6 elementary schools scattered throughout. 90% of the homeowners have been responsible about keeping the sidewalks clear, and the 3 schools that I passed on my way to work this morning had been plowed out. So WHY is our district on a snow day today?

Disclaimer: This rant of mine has been blogged while I sit at my desk, wishing that I could have a snow day, too!