Thursday, December 27, 2007

Maybe we should change her name to Ruby Sue

We got home from a VERY long Christmas Day (hell, a VERY LONG holiday weekend, if I'm going to be honest about it) at around 10:30 Tuesday night. As usual, we were greeted by the 2 furkids, drowsy from sleeping all day, yet very happy to see us.

We loved on them both for a bit, and then Grumpy took Kaylah out to do her business. When he brought her inside, he noticed that her left eye was "weird". I don't know how to explain it... it was kind of bug-eyed and slightly bulging, while at the same time a bit "lazy" (it was out-of-line with the other eye). She was definitely favoring it (tilting her head down to the left), and was no longer her crazy, perky, golden retriever self.

We called our veterinary gurus, and Grumpy did his best to describe what had happened, or rather, what her symptoms were (since we didn't then, and still don't, have any idea what happened). After talking to the receptionist, and a vet tech, and a veterinarian, we decided to make the 90 mile (one-way) drive to have her seen.

Thank goodness we didn't have any weather going on, as the trip only took us about an hour & 20 minutes. We pulled into the clinic between 1 & 1:30 am. As I was getting Kaylah out of the back seat, I took a look at her eye, only to discover that it looked PERFECTLY NORMAL.

But, we had made the drive, so we took her in to be seen. A vet student looked at her, and said she looked ok, but would have the vet come see us. The vet came out, took a look, and said that all seemed well. The vet also said that she'd be happy to do a thorough exam, including some vision tests, but it would be a few hours, as they had some other emergencies coming in.

We thought about it, and talked about it, and decided to take her home and keep an eye on her. She's been fine ever since, and we still have no idea what the hell happened. We're a little worse for the wear, and the truck has a few more miles on it, but our Baby Girl is fine.

But, that's the second time this holiday season that I've felt like I'm living in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. The first was when Grumpy's company announced that there would be no Christmas bonuses this year. Now I feel like we should change our puppy's name from Kaylah to Ruby Sue.... "Falls in a well, her eyes go crossed. Gets kicked by a mule, they go straight again...."

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Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

You're poor pup. I'm glad to hear that things are ok, and I'm sorry you had to take the 90 mile drive for her eye to get better.

Something similar happened with one of my dogs a few years back. When we got to the vet they thought we were crazy because he was completely fine. I swear he did it purposely to mess with me. :P