Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Quiet Contentment

Things are going remarkably, pleasantly, and quietly well right now. The bills are paid, work is starting to pick up a bit (so I'm not bored to tears all day), I'm into a new cycle (which is a relief, knowing that the last one was useless), Grumpy and I are doing well, the Christmas spirit is seeping into me and I'm sucking it up with gusto, family and friends are all healthy.

I could get used to this. Granted, it makes for an incredibly boring blog post. But really, I could get used to this kind of quiet.

Here's to hoping it's not the proverbial "calm before the storm".

So, for lack of any specific grumbling I need to release... Any requests from my handful of readers? Anything you'd like me to write about? Questions to ask? (I do reserve the right not to answer them, hehehe.) Help me out here folks, I'm kind of at a loss.


Meredith said...

I just wanted to say that I am so happy to see that you have some peace right now in your life. I hope it continues for you. I don't really have anything to ask tho - sorry! Love you Beth!

nancy said...

I would like to read about the time your boyfriend's mom walked in on you two having sex. You know - the time when she came in with his laundry and he had you on the bed with your head half hanging off, while he was in an almost kneeling/standing position with one hand on the bed and the other hand holding your ankle straight up in the air. You know - the one where you were mortified afterwards and you hid in his bathroom for almost 3 hours before you dared to walk past her to get out of the house. You know - the one where she stopped you and said she wanted to talk. She told you both it wasn't allowed in HER HOUSE. And your boyfriend looked at her in all seriousness and said "what about in your backyard?"

Wasn't that your story?

Oh wait. Yup. That was my story.