Thursday, September 27, 2007

appointment update and a blurp

well, I DID ovulate last cycle. Doc said "definitely between cd20 & 23", which is what we all thought anyway. I feel soooooooooooooooooooo much better, not only because I o'ed, but because it's comfirmation that I'm not crazy, and haven't taken you all with me down that road to crazy town!

did some bloodwork, and barring anything out of whack with the results, I go back in 4-6 months for another draw. beyond that, keep charting, and GET BUSY! lol

the other thing she told me was that I need to be on prenatal vitamins instead of just a women's one a day. so, on my way home, I stopped off at Walgreen's to buy a bottle. Minding my own business, walk to the cashier, who proceeds to announce a big, hearty, "Congratulations!!!"

"Umm, no congratulations needed, but thanks"

.... look of confusion & despair on poor cashier lady's face.... "but why the vitamins?"

and folks, I was SO proud of myself! instead of screaming at her that it was ABSOLUTELY NONE OF HER FUCKING BUSINESS, I politely said "we're trying, and these are doctor's orders"

she then of course had to tell me about her daughter in law, who, as soon as she married the cashier women's son, told him that "1 year after we get married, I want to own our own home, and be pregnant". 22 months, almost to the day, after they got married, their first child was born.....

the fertile little bitch


nancy said...

So did your doctor just look at your chart to confirm ovulation? By looking at it, it totally looks biphasic - but wondering if he did b/w to determine O or not.

Why do people part of the general public go into such details? Weird. Good for you for not strangling her.

BethH6703 said...


She confirmed o just from the chart. Since I was into the next cycle already, no way to do bw to confirm o.