Thursday, September 6, 2007

Bad blogger, bad bad BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD blogger!

Sorry folks, I was just politely reminded that I haven't let you all know my latest Met update....

I O'ED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO-FUCKIN-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check it out for yourself here

Unfortunately, courtesy of that freakin festival we had to work, I was unable to temp for a few days there. And that appears to be when I o'ed, as there is a definite temp shift after that weekend. But, even tho I don't have those pretty red FF CL's, any chart-obsessed TTC/IF-er can tell there's an o there! Yay me, Yay me, YAY ME!!!! {doing a little happy dance}

I guess I'm in the 2ww, or more accurately, the 1ww now. Altho, I'm not waiting for anything... The lovely Met side effects meant there hasn't been much lovin' happening in our world for the last month, so there isn't any realistic chance that there'd have been any interested swimmers waiting to meet that egg my body released.

But I'm ok with that. Cuz if I o'ed this cycle, then maybe, just maybe, I can do it again. And if so, then you damn well better believe there'll be all KINDS of swimmers up in there waiting for the shy lil Ms Egg to make her appearance!


Wen782 said...

Oh happy egg laying moments! Yay for the "squirt med" producing egg growing results! Hopefully this means you are ON YOUR WAY to pregnant, lady!! YAY!

nancy said...

YAY!!!! This is fabulous news!!!