Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ok, I think I need to clarify some things

so, being the obsession queen that I am... (maybe that we all become after long enough on this ride?), I've driven myself and several close friends absolutely BONKERS for the last 2 days. So here's a summary:

  • My chart does not show ovulation. However, I missed a few temps due to our charity function that had me working midnights for a weekend. I (and pretty much everyone else that I've begged to take a peek) am pretty confident that I o'ed somewhere in the cd20-23 timeframe (which also happens to be the weekend with the missing temps).
  • I did test yesterday at lunch, and it was an assumed BFN. However (and here's where the obsessing dives deeper towards realms of insanity):
    a) I did not test with FMU (big No-No to us TTC-ers, but I figured since I was 14-17dpo I'd be ok)
    b) I did not see a glaring 2nd line, and tossed the test. Today, I looked up the test brand here and see that some of those positives are really really hard to see. But, today was garbage day, so I can't obsess over the test itself, and am reduced to obsessing over the memory of the test.
  • As you can see on the chart, my temp rose slightly again today. And over the last couple of days, its gotten a slightly triphasic look to it, even without all the temps filled in.
  • There is still no sign of AF, which is very strange. Not only might I be "late", but normally allowing Ms Hope a stronghold guarantees that AF will be here within 24 hours. If THAT doesn't work, she's almost always here the day after I test...

So, the current plan is to continue to obsess and dream for the next 16.5 hours... I'll test in the morning if my temp hasn't taken the nosedive I expect, and if there is still no sign of AF.

Updates to follow as soon as they become available...

btw, thanks all for the obsessing/analyzing/good thoughts/helpful ideas. And Tigs, your verification word scares me a little bit, lol.