Wednesday, September 5, 2007

duh... its the Happiness Challenge

not the Guilt Challenge!

So, I've already decided to change up my plans for the challenge. My original plan was to do something productive for myself or the household every morning. And well, I faced reality, admitted that I'm NOT a morning person, and decided not to guilt myself into being one.

So now, the updated challenge:

  • Do something productive for myself or the household every day
  • Enjoy my morning cup of coffee outside on the patio whenever weather permits
  • Have at least 1 bonfire per week with hubby

I know the first one seems kind of silly. But, with the way Met has been kicking my ass, and the stronghold that the depression has taken, some days it's an accomplishment to just get out of bed. I need to baby step my way out of that, so I'm hoping this challenge helps.

And so far, it seems to be.... I cleaned the bathroom last night (yay me!), and this morning had coffee on the patio (which I enjoyed immensely).


Tigger said...

Thanks for the comment, Beth. I know you've been where I just made a post about it not too long ago. It's just scary to see myself heading back to where I used to be. I thought I'd come so far...but maybe not. Thanks for understanding!

nancy said...

You know what's worse? I can't even THINK of something to do for the happiness challenge.

BethH6703 said...


If you can't think of something for the challenge, than my opinion (and I'm certainly full of those, so feel free to ignore it), is that you're THINKING TOO HARD!!!

Whats something that makes you smile, consistently? A specific CD? Maybe a certain activity with the girls, like reading, or dress-up, or taking pics of them? Enjoy a cup of decaf in the morning? A walk in the evening? Making time to read a book?

It's not supposed to be an earth shattering revelation hon. Just a method to give ourselves regular little snippets of happiness... Or at least that is my interpretation.