Thursday, August 2, 2007

WTF is WRONG with

ok, I know some of you use it now, or have used it in the past. I've been using it off & on for.... well... for longer than I want to think about. let's just say, long enough to know what I'm doing.

so, I log in this morning and plop in my lovely little 97.27 temp, along with my dose of metformin, and the stupid software gives me freaking coverlines. Now, if you're a chart guru, you can tell that those CLs are absolute CRAP!!!

fortunately for me, I know enough about what I'm doing to know that they're crap. but what about those newbies out there that trust this website with all of their ttc hopes & dreams? thats it, I blame FF for my obsessing! ITS ALL THEIR FAULT!!!!

btw, I'm normally pretty willing to take responsibility for my own attitudes, actions, moods, etc. however, right now I'm feeling a little like passing the buck, so.... bombs away FF, this buck stops with you!


Tigger said...

Oh how well I remember those days! Getting CL's you knew were false, or better yet, getting them only to have them taken away the next day when you put in your temp! FF is definitely to blame for our obsessions. :)

Glad to see you've got your own blog now. Hope it helps!

nancy said...

lol. What in the world is FF thinking?