Wednesday, August 8, 2007

a little venting must be had

So, in speaking with my father-in-law this morning (who, by the way, I happen to work for... yeah, there will DEFINITELY be some blogs in the future relating to that working/family relationship), I learn that Grumpy's sister was in need of a new computer. I say "was" because, just like at least 4 times in the recent past, Dad went out & bought her one. (insert eye roll here)

I recognize that its not really any of my business, but why does a 33 year old married woman need Daddy to buy her ANOTHER computer? she's putting herself thru college, she's married with a child, she & her husband both work, they both drive newer vehicles, they own a house & some property, they bought themselves a GIANT screen tv, they just got back from their annual vacation, they both smoke, he drinks a 6 pack or more every night.... seems to me some simple lifestyle changes would certainly allow her the cash for a refurbished laptop (which is what she got).

Now, I also recognize that parents have the right to do for their children in any way they see fit. Gift giving, bail money, college funds... however they choose to spend their cashola is their business. But I swear, the sister-in-law has her "Daddy" wrapped around her little finger. And yes, she calls him "Daddy", but only when she needs/wants something from him...

And I think the worst part of it (from my completely unentitled opinion, lol), is that he can't say "No" to her. He's managed to spend himself & mother-in-law completely into the poor house... he's borrowing from Peter to pay Paul on a monthly basis, has NO retirement, and has some giant freaking debt to be dealt with. And yet, the helpless little daughter comes whining to Daddy, and he opens his wallet, and out come the credit cards...

Maybe I'm just reflecting my husband's jealousy over the whole situation. He takes great pride in the fact that he didn't ask his parents to put him thru college (his older sis got a 4 year degree on their dime, and the needy sis went to college for 5 years and didn't even have enough credits to manage an associates degree out of it). He does feel (and is sometimes treated) like the misfit within the family. His older sister is the "perfect" one (OMG, def stories to come about that), and his twin sister is the "needy" one. Growing up, he was the "problem child", but he's outgrown that (as most boys do), and now he's the one that takes care of his parents, and yet he's last on their priority list.

Bottom line, even though I completely recognize that this is absolutely none of my business, it still pisses me off! And if I can't vent about it here, I can't vent about it anywhere...

Oh, on a mostly unrelated note, I'm on day 9 of the Metformin, and its KICKING MY TOOSH! The first 6 days were ok, but Monday was bad bad BAD (perhaps cuz AF also arrived late on Sun?), and I stayed home from work. I doubled the Met dosage on Tue to 1,000mg, and have to go up 1 more time next week to 1,500mg. Let's just say I'm a bit nervous to add that extra 500mg...

MsWendy, hope the vacation is going well, and that Scott's back is handling the drive ok.

MsNancy, good luck with your approaching cycle 11. I feel your pain on wanting a plan, and completely understand how frustrating the "wait & see" approach can be. We'll get there darlin!

Smarshy, the Buggins is so damn cute I don't even know what to do with myself! I'm glad that she got over the initial shock, and enjoyed her very first concert! I haven't had the surgery you're having, nor do I know anyone that has, but I'll say a prayer that all goes well for you.

And finally, MsDea, welcome to the blogging community darlin! I promised I wouldn't hug you, so I'll continue to fight the urge. I hope this outlet helps you as much as it's helped me!

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nancy said...

omg. She seriously calls him "daddy"? I got a pretty big eyeroll there myself.

How said that he's not doing well financially, yet she allows him to buy her things. That's horrible. makes you just want to SCREAM!, doesn't it?