Friday, August 3, 2007

is it nap time yet?

I am almost done with a very VERY busy 3 months... there have been 2 trips out of town, 2 surgeries in my immediate world (2 more coming in the next 2 weeks), dog-sitting, out-of-town visitors causing my own house to feel more like a hotel than my home, friends moving, another friend in incredible financial distress, my garage/driveway has been a rotating inventory of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and lawn equipment in various states of repair (that would be courtesy of the business we're starting)... I'm exhausted!

Fortunately, the 2 trips out of town have been fun stuff. Hubby & I went here for our anniversary, and it was a VERY nice get-away! I'd recommend it to any couples out there needing a romantic weekend away! And we did our June NASCAR camping trip with friends. Due to finances and crazy schedules, we've had to cancel our other 2 trips that we had planned for this year (more NASCAR stuff).

The surgeries...
The first was one of my best friends facing her second breast cancer scare in a year. This time around tho, it wasn't cancer, Thank God! She's sore, but otherwise recovering well.

The second is my Mom, who just last week had major surgery. Let me tell you, growing up an only child wasn't bad, but being solely responsible for everything that she needs during her SIX WEEKS of recovery... yeah, that's not going to work so well. Don't get me wrong, I love my Mom. But there are a whole lot of reasons that I moved out of her house when I was 18, and spending the last week with her has just reinforced all of them for me.

The coming surgeries are Grandma's knee replacement, and a friend having some pretty major back surgery. I won't be involved in any of the care, recovery, or decision making for either of them. But I am still concerned, and my prayers will overflow with good thoughts & wishes for quick & healthy recoveries.

The dog-sitting is something that we actually normally enjoy. It's just been "one more thing" in this already over-flowing summer that we're having. The same goes for the out-of-town visitor. He's a great friend, and he's going thru a tough time right now. If we can provide a little break for him (as well as some work, as its turned out, lol), I'm all for it. It's just one. more. thing.

Tonight I have a going away party for a very very good friend of mine. Tomorrow she leaves to start her new life. New man, new job, new house, new state... All very very exciting for her, but I will miss my friend very much. I have a feeling that there will soon be an entire blog entry (or more) devoted to this situation. I just don't have it in me to get into all of that right now. All in due time, I suppose.

And as far as the friend in terrible financial distress, well, I pray daily for her, and if I won the lottery I'd help her out of the situation that she's in. I will be a shoulder to lean on, and an ear to listen, but I can't do anything to "fix it" for her. Which is hard for me, as I'm a "fix it" kinda girl. Show me a problem, I'll find you a possible solution (or 12). But for this one, I got nothing.

Like I said, I'm exhausted. Hubby is gone this weekend for a boys trip. As much as I will miss him, I am REALLY looking forward to the quiet alone time I'll get. It will be very nice to be all alone in my house for a couple of days. I shouldn't have to see anyone, or talk to anyone, unless I choose to. And altho the house is an absolute disaster, I don't intend to do 1 minute of cleaning (other than laundry), and I'm not going to feel one lil moment of guilt about it. This is MY weekend to get some serious R&R in, and next week starts the return to the "daily grind". The goal for next week is to work towards a more organized daily grind. But, I'll worry about that next week.

This weekend, its all about ME, and I can't freaking wait!!!