Monday, October 22, 2007

Sorry Folks, and Happy News (not IF related)

I forgot to tell the blogosphere that I would be MIA for the weekend... my most sincere apologies for that.

Grumpy went hunting this weekend, and I went with him to visit some friends of ours. While we were there, we looked at, and bought, a camper!

It's a 1989 24.5' Terry Taurus by Fleetwood. It needs some work, but it's nothing Grumpy & I can't handle, and we got it for an AMAZING price! We've been wanting to get a camper for a few years now, and have just been hoping that the right opportunity would fall into our laps! It finally did!!!

Here are some pics for ya!

Above is a view of the kitchen area (4 burner stove & double sink), and the end of the couch)

Above is our "bedroom" with the couch (that pulls out to about a full size bed) on the left.

Above is a view of the rest of the camper from our "bedroom". On the left is a swivel rocking chair and the dinette set (that also folds down into a bed). On the right is the other end of the couch and the kitchen. All the way in the back is the bathroom (that's the part that needs some work).

I absolutely CANNOT WAIT until next camping season! This fall the camper will be used as hunting camp while Grumpy & his buddy work on the bathroom. It'll come home probably in January, when I'll get to deep clean & scrub the living crap out of it, and then it'll be ALL OURS!!!!


Pamela Jeanne said...

Cool rig!

And thanks for the data pointers. Good stuff. I've added you to my blog reader and will make a point to drop by to see how you things are going for you. As a native Detroiter it's good to see what's happening in the old 'hood.

The Town Criers said...

That is serious so freakin' cool. You just made me really covet a camper.