Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Spreading the Word - Edited

One of my very favorite IF bloggers, PJ of Coming2Terms fame has made some intensely significant progress in opening up the societal dialogue about infertility. Go check out her article at the New York Times (yes, that's right - the NEW YORK FREAKING TIMES!!!!). Then, if you're able, participate in the conversation happening in the article's comments section, or back at PJ's blog.

As exciting as this is, I'm still blown away by the hurtful tone of many of the comments on the Times site.

Edited to add this link to the comments on the Times site that I referred to.


nancy said...


I need to go read what comments you are referring to. Although they will be sure to piss me off. Damn stupid people.

Sam said...

Although I am not trying for children myself (too damn single! ;-) ) I cannot believe that there are such people out there that say what they think without realising that it will hurt others. I can only hope that they were simply thoughtless rather than spiteful, but somehow.....I don't think so!

Kudos to PJ for writing for the New York Times!!

Kim said...

I had to stop reading after about ten or so! The one with the twins made me sick. Yes, it is hard to be a parent, but wish I could go back ten years and never have them. That is absurd tome. I think that woman needs some support and maybe some counseling! I cannot believe people can be so hurtful. Who are they to say what others feel and whether or not they can pursue their dreams - whatever they might be! NCLM

Queenie. . . said...

I was so pissed about the comments to that article. Pamela rocks for putting it all out there, though. My favorite blog vent about the comments is at I Think I Hear Your Mother Calling .

Geohde said...

I was rather taken aback by the sheer hurtfulness of a lot of the comments. Depressing, really that IF is okay to bash in that way.


Eliza said...

I went and checked out PJ's post and good for her! I didn't read the ugly comments because I'm deliberately avoiding the media (other than blogs) right now. I just can't handle any more grief or drama than lives under my own roof. I can't believe anyone would have anything hateful to say about what she wrote, but then there's always someone, isn't there? NCLM