Monday, June 9, 2008

Lupron: 3 Weeks In

Today marks 3 weeks since my first shot. I have to go for #2 next Monday. I thought this would be a handy-dandy little time to take a peek at my experience... again.

- I am still having hot flashes. I'd say I average less than 10 in a "day" (24 hour period), but they are definitely more frequent during the night. In fact, the worst is when I'm laying in bed, waiting to fall asleep. Most nights, I'll have 3 or 4 within a half hour. They generally only last a minute or 2, and are certainly tolerable. Just not delightful.

- The headaches are still there, but nothing horrible. It's almost like this constant, dull, achiness, rather than a "pounding" or "splitting" headache. Again, tolerable, but not delightful.

- The mood swings are also still there, but definitely seem to be levelling off. I feel more peaceful, less "wound too tight". Perhaps it's the summer, or the weekends away, or maybe just that I've somehow adjusted. But I'd be thrilled to not have to deal with those ridiculous panic attacks again.

- I seem to have a bit more energy these days. I'm falling asleep easier at night (after the hot flash routine), and getting up easier in the mornings. Sleep is gooooooooooooooooooood.

- The spotting has stopped again. Since starting this cycle, I've had 4 days of AF (short, but seemingly full flow), then 5 days without, then 1 day of spotting, 3 days of heavy spotting or light flow, then 4 more days of spotting, and the last 5 with nothing. 23 days into the cycle, and I've bled (in some form) for 12 of them. I think that's enough, no?

- I have completely lost my sex drive, which, sadly, I'm ok with. I'm so freakin dry that a simple TP use hurts - like sandpaper. And that's more graphic than anyone probably wanted or needed to know.

As a possibly related aside, The GrumpyOne & I are trying some magnetic therapy that was recommended by our chiropractor. He has a necklace and I have a bracelet, both made by TRION:Z. I can't honestly tell you if the magnets are really helping, or if it's all just the power of suggestion, but we have both commented on feeling better - in an overall, general way - since we got them. They can't hurt, right?


DC said...

The magnets sound interesting. Let us know if they work!

Wanda said...

Hi my name is Wanda I understand what you are going through I experienced all those symptoms. The Lupron puts you in a menopausal state once you are off the Lupron you will feel better. I am on Lupron but only 20cc at night so no symptoms. Hang in there.