Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I hope we're not going

here again.

Grump's Mom is in this morning to have her 2nd knee replacement. The first replacement spawned the post linked above, as well as this and this. (And probably others, but those were the ones I could find quickly.)

We're all praying that this surgery goes much, MUCH more smoothly than the last one. If you have a moment to send out a prayer or good thought on her behalf, it'd be lovely!


Kaci said...

When it rains it really does pour, huh? I hope this surgery & the recovery go much much smoother than the last! Prayers headed her way.

nancy said...

I've had quite a few surgeries in my day. And one particular knee surgery ended up being WAY worse than I had thought. Before I went under, my surgeon explained that there was a "chance" I would need one of my ligaments cut to lengthen it, but he wouldn't know until he got in. I went into the surgery thinking it would be an easy recovery and ended up with one of the hardest recoveries I've ever had.

Well, a year later, I needed it done to the other side. But this time I ~knew~ how bad it would be. And guess what? I coped SO much better because I anticipated it. Maybe this will be how it is with grumps mom?

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

Thinking of and praying for her and your whole family. ((HUGS))