Monday, October 6, 2008

Puppy Crisis Averted

at least for now. I still want one - really really want one - but I have myself talked out of it for the time being.

Just a quick update style post:

  • I get my LAST Lupron injection today! WOO-FREAKIN-HOO!!!! And thank the Lord, because our new insurance wasn't going to cover it the same way (if at all). The amazing staff at Dr. N's office happened upon a sample from a drug rep, and its MINE ALL MINE! 4 weeks from today, I will be OFF THE MED! (I think... I suppose I'll have to wait & see how it all works its way out of my system.) November will usher in some good ol' fashion TTC in our house (possibly accompanied by either BBT charting or OPKs, but nothing more involved than that).
  • Grumps has had bunches of side work come in, so we're doing remarkably well financially. Not high on the hog by any stretch of the imagination - but things are flowing in a way that has allowed us to leave our savings in tact, and to even continue making some progress on the BIG UGLY DEBT.
  • Dad is still in rehab. He asked Sis1 yesterday to take him to his apartment, and then got mad when she wouldn't. She & I discussed the possibility of taking him there for a while this weekend, but the more I think about it, the less comfortable I am with it. There are a whole lot of unknowns in a situation like that, and they all scare the holy bejeebus outta me.

And, to close with my Perfect Moment of last week:

Grumps had a former co-worker stop by Sunday morning (to pick up the car repair FROM HELL). Because of this, we were delayed for our normal Sunday breakfast date with friends, so I brewed a pot of coffee. I poured Grumps a travel mug full & took it out for him (like I do quite often), but this morning, his eyes LIT UP, and he said "Thank You SO MUCH Honey! I love you!".

Made me all warm & fuzzy!


Lori said...

Yay on so many counts!

What a great moment between your husband and you. Thanks for being part of Perfect Moment Mondays.

R&R said...

YAY! Unless you're 150% into the idea of getting a dog, its always better to wait! And WOOHOO on the Lupron and your hubby! :)

Kaci said...

YAY on the last injection! and YAY on the side work for DH, and that you are still making progress on debt - that is great! Aww on the perfect moment :)

I can see ups & downs to taking your dad to his apartment for a bit.

Becky T-Florida said...

:( no new fur baby, oh well. I agree with r&amp:r if your not 100%sure it's better not to get one at this time.

nancy said...


Yay on the lupron shot!!!

Hey, a question on that. From being on the ttc boards, I notice many women who take the shot don't get ovulation back for quite some time. Sometimes even up to a year. Of course, these are the ones who are on the shot for quite awhile. Did your RE talk to you about this? Are you on a smaller dosage so that won't be an issue?

BethH6703 said...


My gyno (not at an RE again... yet) is idealistically confident that my ovulation was being jacked with by the endo, and therefore should return within a month or 2 of going off the Lupron. He wants us to try naturally for a few months, and if no success, is willing to prescribe clomid. If that doesn't do it, I'll be headed to the RE.

Not knowing the reason the women on the boards were on Lupron, it's hard to know why the ovulation was/is delayed. If they were taking it as BC (my hunch, if they were on it for a while), then maybe that was masking another problem?

Since I wasn't ovulating well prior to surgery, and surgery proved that there was endo involvement in several areas, and the lupron was prescribed to treat what endo couldn't be removed.... it's certainly not a guarantee, but it also doesn't leave me any worse off than I was prior to the surgery.

All a crap shoot, just like the rest of IF. Having a new doc in the mix just adds to it.

And Becky T, nice to see you still reading! Wish you had a BLOG (hint hint) so that I could follow your story!

Hafsa said...

I'm new to the whole IF thing but is the Lupron accompanied by the Clomid, or is it separate? I hope everything works out for you. We've got some BIG UGLY DEBT as well so I know how that goes.