Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thankful Thursdays

I know that I've missed at least one, if not two installments of Thankful Thursdays. I'm trying desperately to find some normal somewhere, so I guess I'll look here! This week, I'm thankful:

  1. Sis2 is coming into town next week. I look forward to seeing her again, and Dad ALWAYS improves when she's in town.
  2. Grumps & I are HEADED NORTH next week. We leave Thursday, will be back late on Sunday. It's a MUCH needed mini-vacation, and will give us an opportunity to see friends, and spend a weekend in our camper!
  3. We celebrated Grandma's 82nd birthday earlier this week. 82! That alone is reason to be thankful!
  4. Our family & friends (including you lovelies out there in blogland) have been uber-supportive of our current circumstances. We're loved - more than I knew. And that knowledge always brings me peace.
  5. In a little over 2 hours I'll be getting a 1 hour massage. I can't wait!

So tell me, what are YOU thankful for this week?

1 Comment:

Beautiful Mess said...

Ahhh I LOVE massages. Hope you enjoyed it! Have fun with your sister, how exciting! I am thankful for the day today, it is BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE it!