Monday, July 13, 2009

Raising a Hand

and waving at all of you out there in blogland!

I'm still here, still bobbing along in my own little journey. Nothing too exciting or blog-worthy going on (or, at least not when a CERTAIN UNNAMED BLOGGING PROGRAM will actually allow me access to my account!), thus the ridiculous level of silence over here these days.

To be honest, I've been struggling a bit this last week, as the 7th was 1 year since Dad went in the hospital. I expect I'll have some rough moments over the next few months, dealing with what's left of the "firsts" without him. It's nothing that isn't a perfectly natural part of the grieving process (blah blah psych babble), but it is something I'm dealing with - and working through - these days.

I'd like to say there's something - anything - going on with the IF front, but there isn't. Things are on hold for now, until we get Grump's school/job situation, and our financial situation, at least somewhat under control. I do have to schedule myself another follow-up appointment with Dr. Voodoo, but it's not going to be for anything exciting. He'll ask about Clomid, I'll tell him not yet. He'll ask about the endo, and I'll thankfully be able to report very minimal symptoms. Honestly, I don't even really see a reason to go, other than Dr. Voodoo told me to, and I tend to unquestioningly want to do what he tells me to.

And on that note, it's bright and sunny outside, and I need to go soak some of it in!

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Lavender Luz said...

Hey, Beth. I'm sorry this has been a tough week for you. I hope the sunshine soothed things a bit. Actually a lot :-)