Monday, March 10, 2008

Name that Drug

ok, so in talking to Mom about the appt with Dr. N (everything is still as planned, and he's confident we will be doing the full abdominal lap because of my history), she STRONGLY advised me to look into a drug that he used for her pain mgmt after her hysterectomy. Problem is she can't remember the name of it. Soooooooo, I need some help. Here are the clues I have:

  • Starts with "F"
  • Given as a spinal before surgery
  • Mom was allowed to keep it in until the day she was released from surgery
  • Dr. gave it as a pain med as a substitute for morphine therapy

Mom mentioned this, and suggested I talk to Dr N about it, because she LOVED this med. She didn't experience any nausea while on it, and she was even - perky - post-surgery. Loopy, but perky.

I, on the other hand, spent the first few hours in my hospital room completely dead to the world. And I spent the next day experiencing my red hospital jello in reverse. (Why in God's name would they give a patient recovering from abdominal surgery RED jello? WTF?) Morphine and I aren't such good friends, apparently.

All that being said - I really want to talk to the good Dr. N about this other med as an option. But, I really don't want to call and leave him a message asking about "some spinal pain med that starts with an "F", that you gave to my Mom for her hysterectomy in Aug 07". I mean, if I have to leave that ridiculous message, then by all means, I'll absolutely do it. But, I figured I'd offer up the question to the wise & all knowing blogosphere before I look like a fool.

So, can YOU Name that Drug?

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You might ask Geohde at, our newly minted physician.