Monday, August 3, 2009

Picture This

You've lived in your new home for a few weeks now. You're finally unpacked and settled in. It's summertime, the weather is gorgeous, and you decide to throw yourself a housewarming party.

You cut the grass, plant some flowers, and buy a screened in gazebo for the yard. You get the charcoal heating up on the barbecue, the beer chillin' in the cooler, and the ribs marinating in the sauce.

You've invited all of your family, and your friends from the old neighborhood. You've made your sons drag out their stereo system, and have your favorite motown cds stacked along side it. Your daughter has even harassed you into FINALLY learning the hussle.

People begin to arrive. Tunes are playing, folks are laughing and eating and dancing and having a great time.

Don't you think, at some point, it would have dawned on you to take the laundry in from the clothesline you strung between your 2 sheds?

Apparently not, if you live next door to me.


Kaci said...

Unfortunately I could see myself getting so wrapped up in the party prep that I forgot to take laundry off the line. Then I'd be mortified when I noticed it mid-party!

Lavender Luz said...

Do we live near each other!?

Beautiful Mess said...

lol, oops!

eden said...

Seriously, who does that!!

Thank you so much for de-lurking. Meant a lot.