Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Well, I survived!

Better than that, I think cousins night was a HUGE success! Everyone asked when we could do another one (which isn't going to be soon, unfortunately. trying to coordinate school breaks, work schedules, soccer, softball, band practice, etc etc etc is HARD!)

I was able to let go of my need to control EVERYTHING, and we all just hung out, watched movies, played games, laughed, and generally enjoyed each other. Don't think I could have asked for a better night! (Other than having the good sense NOT to try to sleep on the floor with all of them. What the hell was I thinking?)

I'm also surviving today. This would've been Dad's 80th birthday. I got a little teary eyed last night (over an episode of Scrubs of all things), but am holding it together ok today. I'd rather be home, but... oh well.

And, for anyone keeping track, today would have been testing day, but it's cd3. The good news is that last cycle was a textbook 28 days, so apparently Dr N is some kind of magical voodoo doctor or something, because I don't think I've had a 28 day cycle since I was on bcp.

This cycle, more good ol' fashioned "trying on our own". If it doesn't work, next cycle will be another HSG (my 3rd, for anyone keeping track), and then we'll have to see what happens after that. Personally, I'm leaning towards NOT getting into treatments right away, with the whole school/finances situation being what it is. And as long as the HSG comes out ok, and my cycle lengths stay normal, I don't see a reason to jump to treatments for a few months. Maybe I'll add in some temping or OPKs, but not much more than that until summer. Or, at least that's my line of thinking right now...


Kaci said...

Glad to hear you're making it through the day. (((hugs))) - you're in my thoughts.

I was actually about to ask you if you wanted me to remember you were gonna test today, and decided to double check the date before I asked. ARGH on CD3 but I'm so glad you had a nice 28 day cycle! Sweet!

Beautiful Mess said...

I'm thinking about you, hon! I know these days are so hard on us. It sucks, plain in simple. I watched Scrubs last night, too and cried like a baby! Seriously that crap pisses me off! Grey's Anatomy is on tonight and I'll be watching it with a box of tissues. That show ALWAYS makes me cry! GRRRR
Hang in there.

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

YAY for making it through the weekend. :)

I am thinking of you today, sweetie. ((LOTS OF HUGS))

Anonymous said...

(Hugs) I am glad you made it through the day. You have been in my thoughts. I did not want to ask because I was afraid it might upset you.

I am sorry AF showed. But I am happy to see that you are having normal cycles again. YAY!


Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about you lately. I hope your evening is relaxing and that the rest of the day is filled with good memories of your dad.

And I'm glad the sleepover went well! You are a brave woman!


Emily (Apron Strings) said...

Happy Birthday, Beth's Dad!

I know he's looking down at you and smiling today, sweetie. He feels your love and sadness, and wants you to smile.

Hugs, Emily