Monday, January 11, 2010

20 weeks!

All seems to be going remarkably well in pregnancy land over here. We had the BIG ultrasound (results of which will be kept private until immediate family is made aware), but the important thing is that it was another showing that our Lil H is doing just lovely in there.

I've been feeling movement consistently for a couple of weeks now. Its - bizarre. Very bizarre in deed. In the best possible bizarro-world way. But, still... bizarre.

I will say that emotionally, altho I don't think I've stepped into the hormonal mood swing insanity too frequently thus far, I do find myself changing, a lot. I'm withdrawing from people, from things. Focusing more on myself, my body, my marriage, our families. I don't think I'm intentionally turning my back on others, but I do know that I'm not putting the work into some of my friendships the way I had in previous months. And sadly, I haven't quite processed how I feel about that yet.

For those of you counting, I'm in my 20th week, so I've hit that halfway point! Yee-haw! (That's what you're supposed to say, right?) Except that I'm suddenly finding myself a wee bit overwhelmed with ALL there is TO DO. The first half of this pregnancy has sailed by quicker than I realized, and now there is all of this talk about nursery colors, and furniture, and registering, and a baby shower, and holy crap I wanna nap!

Someone out there do me a favor and tell me this is normal, mmmkay?


serenity said...

It's normal!

But the good news is that you don't really need much for a newborn. Some clothes, some diapers, a warm place to sleep.

So yeah, you can DO STUFF. But you don't really HAVE to, kwim?

And btw. Congratulations on the pregnancy. :)


Kaci said...

Normal! Does it make you feel better that we closed on our house when I was 25w with Matthew? (and you know the rest of the story...knee surgery, cleaning, PAINTING!, etc.) My mom kept reminding me that he could sleep in a dresser drawer if he had to.

I know you like being prepared and you will be. You'll be fine. Sorry if I asked too many questions!

Free From Broke said...

You probably have that nesting instinct kicking in. For our son my wife re-did all of the closets while pregs. We sold our co-op when she was preg with our youngest. There's always so much to do and never enough time. Don't let it stress you out too much. Enjoy the time.

Flicka said...

Totally normal! And yaaaay!

WellHeeled said...

Half way there! A big congrats! It must be a very exciting time for you.

Anonymous said...

Definitely normal! Congrats on getting to the halfway mark. It's hard to beleive now, but you'll get everything done that you need to. ;)

nancy said...

Yay! Congrats for making it to the halfway mark! :) :) :)

Bea said...


It's not as much as you think. The purveyors of baby stuff only make you think there's a lot to organise because that's how much of their stuff they want you to buy. A chief marketing technique is to confuse, bamboozle, and then panic you into getting out your credit card. The shops will still be open if you find you want something extra after the first week, or two, or even the first month. If you want to narrow down to essentials, the internet is there to help!

The withdrawing sounds like you're beginning to nest a bit - so your body is working with you to get it all done.


chicklet said...

All seems normal to me. And I'm with Serenity that you don't need much. For my friends who had babies after me (yes, there's many surprisingly in just 7 weeks), I gave them the list of the 10 things I actually needed (different than the All Thumbs list) versus all the crap I bought. You're welcome to the same list if you want:-)

A Bumpy Ride said...

Great to find a success story out there in blogland. well done for gettting to the end of your rainbow. And starting a new one!!