Monday, June 22, 2009


This depression stuff - I'm learning - is freaking TRICKY!

When I first started my meds (Zoloft, just a wee lil baby starter dose at that), I was feeling better. Surprisingly better. "WAHOOO!!! My prayers have been answered!" better.

That better turned to a contentedness, that lulled me into a (clearly) false sense of security. It seems as though I blinked, and that satisfied, content, normal version of me has vanished, replaced by the same old frustrated, cranky, anxiety-ridden, un-motivated me.

And it SUCKS.

I suppose this means that I need to get back to the GP, get my meds tweaked (or changed entirely), maybe even ask about some quick acting anti-anxiety meds, when I KNOW I'm going to do something that will cause the anxiety to sky-rocket.

Not that we have the money for such frivolous things as doctors appointments and medications right now. But - seriously - it has to be cheaper than divorce, right?


Beautiful Mess said...

hope your meds can be fix and you're good as new, again! A friend of mine take anti-anxiety meds and she LOVES them. She said she feels like a new person. Good luck, hon!

Lavender Luz said...

It's so hard to find the right balance of everyting (hormones, serotonins) and then KEEP that balance.

Hoping balance comes to you SOON, and I'm sending both you and your hubby good thoughts.